Clean Up

Doing a bit of tidying up on my blog today. I got my list of book reviews updated, as well as my 2013 reading challenge list. Let’s just say that I’m kicking butt this year. My goal was to read 70 books, and I’m already up to 65. Can I read five books in three and a half months? Um, have you been reading my blog?

I feel really good about that, so now I just need to work on some of the other reading goals I had for this year. Mostly this falls under completing series that I haven’t finished, which is a fairly hefty list. I’ll get there eventually, but there’s so many other shiny new books sitting on my desk!

Mostly today, I wanted to ask a few questions to my fellow book bloggers out there. I tend to get overly analytical about things (I’m sure you haven’t noticed) and I’m trying to figure out some ways to make blogging a bit easier. My schedule gets crazy, especially now that school has started, my writer’s group is getting more organized, and I’m singing with the Symphony again. Oh yeah, and I also have a family and a full time job. Why do I do this to myself?

Anyway, so here are the questions. They are pretty simple, so if you could take just a second and leave an answer or two, it would be muchly appreciated.

1. How often to you post to your blog? Daily, weekly, or whenever you feel like it?

2. What time of day do you usually post? I ask this because I am very weirdly tuned in to posting in the morning, and if I miss doing so in the morning, I don’t post at all. Yes, I know this sounds silly.

3. What sort of topics do you cover? I know many of us participate in weekly memes, like Top Ten Tuesday and WWW Wednesday, and most of us do book reviews as well, but what else do you like to talk about? Or do you just stick to those things alone?

4. How many other blogs do you follow on a regular basis? I try to keep up with the people who comment on my blog, but it’s hard. I end up following them, but then not making it back to read their stuff, unless it’s a meme post. That’s something I want to try and do better at.

Thank you so much for listening to me ramble. I really appreciate everyone who comes to visit my little corner of the Internet. 🙂