Books I've Read

We’ll always have Paris . . .

I loved this book so much. I had been reading a lot of stuff that was of the epic, dystopian, saving-the-world ilk. Nothing wrong with any of it. Usually my favorite type of stuff to read. But I needed a break, something a bit more lighthearted to break the gloom. Along came Stephanie Perkins’ Anna and the French Kiss. I blame Amazon – there was a one day sale where the Kindle edition was only $1.99. Of course, I had to jump on that!


Anna is a teenage American girl sent away to a boarding school in Paris. Her father (a Nicholas-Sparksian type novelist) has made it big with movie adaptations of his books and thinks his daughter needs to go abroad in order to be more cultured. Anna hates the idea, of course. She will miss her friends, her job at the movie theater, and especially Toph, her cute co-worker. Once in Paris, Anna is immediately homesick, until she meets a few new friends – Meredith, who lives in her dorm, Josh and Rashimi. And Etienne St. Clair. Who happens to be an adorable boy, with an English accent, who has lived in San Francisco, London, and Paris. He also happens to have a girlfriend, who graduated last year, but goes to a university in the city.

Naturally, Anna has a mad crush on St. Clair. She is torn between accepting her new life in Paris and missing her life back home. It soon becomes fairly obvious that St. Clair likes Anna too, and he becomes her guide to learning all that Paris has to offer. It’s a sweet friendship that becomes something more, all set in the most romantic city in the world.

This book is so sweet, clever and enchanting, it makes me want to go to high school in Paris right away. Except that I’m in my 30’s. Oops.